Great for Self-Confidence


For our daughter, martial arts training has been great for her self-confidence. We love it because of the life skills that she is learning. She will be going away to college next year and knowing that she can handle herself in any situation, is a great comfort to us. It is all due to the training that she has gotten at Wichita Krav Maga at Empower Martial Arts.

Maggie T.
Satisfied Parent

Krav Maga helped Police Officer

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As a police officer, a huge part of the job is staying in shape. I started taking Krav Maga classes, which is great for mental awareness and defense tactics as well. Krav Maga is also great for self-defense, useful to those who like to feel safe and in control during any real world situation. I strongly encourage those in law enforcement to get enrolled.

Carlos R.
Police Enforcement Officer

I Really Enjoy the Classes

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I did wrestling in High School and since then haven’t done much so I wanted to get back into the sport. I have since found that I really enjoy the Krav Maga classes that Wichita Krav Maga at Empower Martial Arts offers and definitely suggest to anyone interested to get started. Big thanks to the guys of Wichita Krav Maga at Empower Martial Arts

Eric B.
Returning Student

Healthier and More Fit

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I first got into martial arts when I saw a groupon offer early last year, since then I no longer find myself trying to exercise and squeeze in workouts. I feel healthier and more fit than I have in years thanks to the Krav Maga training from Wichita Krav Maga at Empower Martial Arts. Confidence and feeling prepared for tough situations are excellent traits to have and thanks to Krav Maga, I am sharpening both!

Robert B.
Martial Arts Student