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Man in Martial Arts Stance

Martial Arts
For Men

Stay in Shape, Increase Focus and Speed

Learn the tools necessary to succeed in every situation.

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Martial Arts
For Women

Gain Self-Confidence, Get More Fit, Become Stronger

Start your self-defense, self-improvement, and fitness journey.

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Man blocking a knife attack

Krav Maga

Simple, Effective Self-Defense System

Taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies and thousands of civilians.

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Increase Muscle Tone and Get In Fighting Shape

A high level martial arts training system created for all levels.

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I first got into martial arts when I saw a groupon offer early last year, since then I no longer find myself trying to exercise and squeeze in workouts. I feel healthier and more fit than I have in years thanks to the Krav Maga training from Wichita Krav Maga at Empower Martial Arts. Confidence

December 12, 2014

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Message from School Owner

Krav Maga is simply the most practical and empowering self-defense system out there! It takes your natural reaction to an attack as the starting point making it easy to learn and easy to retain. If you want self-defense that works and can be used now, then Wichita Krav Maga at Empower Martial Arts has your Krav Maga program. Fill out the form for a free trial and we’ll see you soon. “Get in shape, Go home safe”

Professionally certified Black Belt instructors

Our Instructors are certified and accredited by a national Krav Maga organization. They have trained and gone through the same classes that they teach. Our instructors still train and learn to provide you with the most current self-defense methods available. One class and you will be able to see the dedication and passion that our instructors bring to the class.

Classes are fun and a great workout!

Our classes have a very encouraging atmosphere with no attitudes. Everyone is training for the same goal: to get in shape, and go home safe. The classes are high-energy, fun and a great workout. Enroll for a free trial and see for yourself!

Krav Maga Training

Have you ever felt insecure while crossing that hood fearing the thugs? Are you afraid that someday someone might attack you out of nowhere and with you not being a good fighter? Well, then don’t you have enough time to learn martial arts now? If you are battling such questions in mind, then Krav Maga […]

Top Instructors Teach Quality Martial Arts

In the middle of the 19th century, martial arts were less known to people in the west. Yet, they were widely popular in their homelands for centuries. They were being used to train warriors and villagers for self-defense purposes as frequent attacks were imminent at those places. Today, martial arts has seen a rise in […]

Choosing the Right Martial Arts School

In the Karate business, not all schools are created equal. Karate instructors generally do not have to answer to a state agency; or even have specific training. Some schools, require all instructors to become certified prior to owning or operating a Karate school. Be sure to research and find a Karate school that is safe […]

Krav Maga is Modern, Close Quarters Self-Defense

Krav Maga is roughly translated from Hebrew to mean “close quarter fighting.” It is a highly effective martial art that utilizes a combination of strikes, grapples, throws, locks and holds. Krav Maga originated from street fighting techniques of Jewish gangs defending themselves in the tough ghettos of Bratislav in the 1930s. Krav Maga was developed […]